10 Hot New Event Trends for 2012

   The event world is looking forward to some pretty exciting things in 2012! The economy is looking a little better and budgets are starting to relax a bit, but companies are still seeking event components that do double duty by keeping their guests entertained and contributing to the overall theme.  Also on the event must-have list are new event apps and truly unique entertainment. So, here are the Event Diva’s top picks for 2012. Let me know if you have anything ideas to share for the new year

1. Retro Technotainment

The old arcade games that we see in hospitality suites everywhere are starting to get new, tech-savvy upgrades like this suped-up version of Pac-man that has room for three players at the same time.  You can also find a large-scale version of Connect Four and a six foot high programmable robot that looks like the love child of Rosie from the Jetson’s and Robot from Lost In Space. He reportedly is a big hit at cocktail parties and can easily mingle with guests. If you are a hard-core arcade buff and enjoy the classics like Centipede and Pinball, retro interactive games a hot way to spice up your event.

2. Video Invitations

We’ve all sent E-Vites. They’re a great, environment friendly way to drum up attendance at an event. But they are easy to mistake for junk mail and, because of the social disconnect involved in sending email invitations, don’t invoke a lot of interest with potential guests. That’s why video invitations have made the “Hot” list for 2012. Sites like www.VideoInvitations.netmake it easy for you to pick a template and insert your own video. Imagine your employees receiving a personal invitation from your CEO to attend your convention or retreat! Check out this really great wedding invitation video…http://vimeo.com/6889553

3. Custom Event Apps

Companies like www.Apps4Events.comare starting to offer custom-built apps compatible for any smart phone that can send guests event reminders, help them find vendors in your trade show, or even register them for your convention remotely! As a frequent trade show attendee, this Diva would love to have a little GPS help navigating the wilds of the trade show floor!

4. Living Event Decor

I know you’ve seen this one on my list before, but I can’t help myself! Whether it’s waiters dressed to fit the event theme,  lovely showgirls at a casino event (www.ClassicEventsInc.com), or aerialists dripping from chandeliers, using people as part of the decor is also a great way to entertain.

5. Recycled Event Decor

Use your client’s product to add decor to their event like these gorgeous chandeliers. They are just paint chips provided by a popular national paint company for their event.   

6. Nuttin But Stringz and Fighting Gravity

You might have seen them on America’s Got Talent,  now you can book them for your event! The brothers Escobar mix hip-hop with Vivaldi in one of the most interesting performances you’ve ever seen. It’s about as unexpected and unique as corporate talent gets, except for maybe another America’s Got Talent alum, Fighting Gravity, seen here…

8. Haute Couture Chairs

Event Furniture Rental Companies like Luxe Event Rentals and Modern Chair Rentals are taking chair design to the extreme! Find retro-modern chair design at it’s finest by searching either of their online catalogs, or check out the inflatable Blofield furniture. It’s elegant, lightweight, sturdy, and easy on the shipping charges!


9.Luna Transformations

Also a new self-illuminated line of furniture is a classy, yet creative way to spice up your lounge-themed bar or event. They come in a variety of retro light-filtering designs and colors.

10. QR Craze

   Most of your event attendees are pretty tech-savvy and expect to have their events integrated. It’s easier than you think! Add a QR code to the printed material. Search for a free QR code generator online and simply copy and paste! Draw attendees to your company website, Twitter page, or have it lead to a video you’ve posted online! If you’ve never used a QR code before, just pull up your bacode scanner (standard on most smart phones) and scan the barcode above to see how it works.

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