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What's The Difference Between

Event Planning and Event Consulting?

Our Certified Special Event Professionals (CSEPs) are considered event production experts and have the knowledge, experience, and creative problem solving abilities necessary to produce an event that successfully meets your goals and objectives.    

Event Planning

The Event Planners at Classic Events can assist you with as little or as much of your event as you need. 


We can: 

- Choose Your Venue

- Conceptualize an Appropriate Theme

- Select, Coordinate, and Manage Vendors

- Determine & Manage Catering, Logistic, and Audio Visual Needs

- Design & Provide Decor

- Select, Contract, & Manage Entertainment

- Manage Your Event Budget  


...any of the million and one details that it takes to pull off a successful event.


But what if you need something more?

Event Consulting

Perhaps last year's event didn't quite reach your goals or objectives. If you didn't meet your fundraising target or your guest attendance was down, if your auction wasn't successful or your convention didn't generate the enthusiasm you had hoped for, you may benefit from our decades of event consulting experience.

Our Event Consulting Services Can Help You:


- Prioritize Your Event Goals & Objectives

- Create Streamlined Budget Strategies

- Identify Digital, Social, & Print Media Opportunities to Increase Attendance

- Analyze Past Events To Increase ROI

- Customize Fundraising Blueprints 

- Assess &  Minimize Risk

- Develop Immersive Event Messaging  

With just a few consultation sessions, Classic Events can put your event back on the right track and help your event exceed expectations.

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