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Four HOT Summer Trends for 2015

Summer is already heating things up. Here are four trends to add to your Summer Soiree.

1. Adult Popsicles


Let's face it, it's HOT out there. If you are planning an outdoor event, you'll want to keep your guests cool. There are plenty of exotic adult popsicle recipes out there. Pinterest is a great place to start your search if you want to make them by hand. However, I suggest using premade frozen fruit pops as foil for a a dry champagne. There is almost no prep time involved!

2. DIY Open Bar


While we're on the subject of alcohol... there are few things more attractive to a potential guest than the two little words "open bar". Add them to your invitation and watch your participation skyrocket. However, for those of us footing the bill, an open bar can be a nightmare. Save yourself the worry and keep guests happy by planning a DIY Open Bar. Nix the cost of a bartender and have your mixables on ice.

3. Interactive Food Stations


Speaking of DIY, interactive food stations are here to stay. The cost of something like this whimsical S'More Bar would be negligable compared to a full desert station. In this case, guests get to entertain themselves by preparing thier own flaming summer treat!

4. Mini Pairing Plates


With the recent rise in the popularity of craft beer, events are starting to include more and more miniature craft beer pairings.


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