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Holiday Trends for 2015

With Millennials taking the lead as the main influencers of design, we can expect to see some pretty unexpected event trends in the next several years. Perhaps the MOST unexpected Millennial-influenced trend of 2015 is going to be seen any day now. For a generation that can't seem to unplug from technology, one would expect the Holidays to get a high-tech spin. Not so, according to trend seekers in the seasonal home decor market. Recent holiday decor has been a riot of color and texture with neon trees and pecock themes, but Millennials are crying out for the sights and sounds of a more traditional childhood.

Millennial Trendsetters are making pruchases that suggest a simpler, scaled back elegance that this Event Diva gives two thums up! Candy cane stripes, gingerbread, red and white polka dots, and brown paper packages tied up with string are going to be oh-so-chic in 2015. Even Christmas cards are going retro in both color and design.

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