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What's In in 2016

It's that time of year again! Planners are gathering the research they need to remain on-trend in 2016. Well, I'm going to give you guys a head start with six trends in six different event disciplines.

1. Weddings

In: Family Style Seating

Casual weddings are in, meaning you may not need to worry over some of the stuffier (and, let's face it, STRESSFUL) elements of your Big Day. Though many brides swear by their seating charts, most socially savvy adults prefer to pick their own seats.

Family Style Seating is a wonderful alternative to traditional round tables and promotes a feeling of family and comfort.

2. Corporate Events

In: Charitable Activities

Philanthropic corporate activites are going to be HUGE in 2016. Charities are organizing high-energy events around corporate giving. Stop Hunger Now is one such company. They offer turn key events that include music, an emcee, even event tee shirts. While your guests are packaging meals they laugh, dance, and socialize.

Build-A-Bike is another company that produces pre-packaged events. These companies can also let you know what percentage of your event is tax deductible!

3. Catering

In: Ditching the Cake

I don't believe the wedding/anniversary/retirement/birthday cake is ever really going to go away, but many planners are ditching the dessert for unconventional confections. Display your sweets in tiers to give a tongue-in-cheek nod to tradtion.

4. Team Building

In: Digital Scavenger Hunts

You'll never have to do another creepy trust fall again! City-wide scavneger hunts are fun selfie-centric activities that can be customized based on any group's activity level. If your group is from out of town, your digital scavenger hunt can include local landmarks and tourist destinations.

5. Destination Events

In: LiveStreaming Events

Finally, thanks to current technology, brides can plan destination weddings that can include every family member. Sites like IDOSTREAM offer packages as low as $199 that allow for the live streaming of the ceremony to up to 50 viewers.

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