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Let Them Eat Cake!

Cakes are an event staple that has seen little evolution in the past 50 years, but cake artists are firing on all four cylinders for 2016! Here are 10 funky, wonderful, beautiful, and sometimes downright strange cake designs that are going to be making the rounds.

1. Floral Painted Cakes

2. Marble Painted Cakes

3. Geometric Cakes

5. Stained Glass Cake

6. Pop Art Cake

7. Metallic Cake

8. Striped Cake

9. Deconstructed and Graphic Cakes

10. Monogrammed Cakes

Whether the cake at your event is tradtionally decorated or has a modern twist, I think we can all agree that cake tables can serve as a focal point in your event's design. Why not make it distinctive - even a little unusual?

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