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The Art of the Capturing the Moment

All events, whether they are corporate or social, have a purpose. Events celebrate, inform, reward, give recognition, and raise funds - all of which are very good reasons for hiring a photographer. You're a savvy planner, so you know you need a professional, but where do you go from there? Here are some tips for helping your photographer get the goods.

#1. Know Who You're Hiring

"Check referrences," says Lisa Watwood, photographer and owner of Southern Belle Portraits. "All events have different needs. Does your photographer have experience with your kind of event? If so, find out how happy the photographer's clients have been with their results."

#2. Find A Photographer Who Gets It

Watwood also suggests you make sure you and your photographer have similar tastes. "Look for a photographer who understands the style of photos you want to capture." Are you open to playful shots? Are your guests going to be good sports? Do you appreciate artful angles or do you prefer your photos levelly framed?

For instance... I understand the wedding party was going for something cute in the picture above, but they look like they are relieving themselves... into the wind, no less. This photo is why you need a photog that gets you. In this situation, the photographer could have said to the client "I understand what you're going for. Can I make a different suggetion?"

#3. Ring Aroud the Rosey, Your Photos Are Too Posey

People see a photographer and are immediately on-guard. Guts get sucked in and lipstick gets pulled out when guests know a camera is around. For me, the more unexpected the shot, the better.

Take this photo, for instance. This is a real moment that would have been lost if not for an excellent photographer. I do understand the need for the tradional wedding party photos, but this is a still frame of life deserves to be remembered.

#4. Don't Get Cute

I get it. Your photographer has great editing software and they can't wait to do something with it. Yes, it's super fun, but it is never going to hang over your mantle. After a good initial chuckle, you will throw these pics in a box and shove them under the bed.

Good photos are one of the most important aspects of post-event satisfaction. While it is definitely one area you could easily skimp and allow your cousin who is majoring in photography (she has a brand new camera!) to snag shots of your special day, you are far better off biting the financial bullet and hiring a real pro.

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