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Six Ways To Party Like A Celebrity On A Shoestring Budget

Dash your red carpet envy, fellow partiers! You too can style your evening like a Hollywood starlet. We are full-steam ahead for Prom and Wedding season, so I have compiled for you a collection of ways to amp up your evening. These six tips will work wonders on your formal occasion budget.

1. Only Wear Designer Gowns

There are tons of gown rental companies online and most offer designer variations. I recommend, which offers designer gowns by names like Monique Lhullier, Badgley Mischka, and Marchesa. Style consultant services are free with your order, which will probably only run you around $100 for a one week rental. They also send you a complimentary second size in the dress you order.

2. Don't Forget The Shoes

If you are looking for designer shoe rental for the evening, check out . Shoe rentals are around $50 for the week and include labels like Manolo and Prada. If you are looking for a longer rental, you can get a deal at where shoe rentals are around $100 for the month and you can find designer bag rentals.

3. Drip With Diamonds

You have the gown. You have the shoes. Now you need the perfect amount of bling to finish the look. Believe it or not, you can rent your jewelry. I'm talking diamonds, here. Tens of thousand of dollars worth. At you can rent stunning jewels inspired by royalty and red carpet. Find $7,000 necklaces that rent for $200 a week!

4. Hire A Make-Up Artist

Your local Sephora has a certified color expert on staff and they are happy to schedule an appointment to do your your make-up. It isn't free; they require you to buy a $50 gift card, but you can use the gift card to buy some of the products they use in case you need touch-ups throughout the evening. Plus, Sephora is used to doing make-up for pageants and proms, so they know all the tricks for making your look last all night.

5. Travel With An Entourage

This may be your ace in the hole when it comes to partying like a celeb. You'd be amazed at how many doors open for a group of people who look expensive. Call ahead to the hot new club and let them know you're coming and how many will be in your party. Speak with bravado - "I'm calling to let you know that Jane Smith plans to stop by this evening. She will have six in her party. Should we have her car drop her at the door?" Many times, you can skip the line and they will forgo cover charges.

6. Only Travel In Style

Car service is one of the most notoriously expensive aspects of a formal occasion. So much so, that they are typically one of the first things chopped from wedding budgets, but your formal occasion (and celebrity status) demand car service. Check out They have all kinds of cars, SUVs , and stretch limos for hire at a rate of around $15 per person/per hour. Not bad when you consider that your entourage likes to travel in style!

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