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Cake Trends in 2017

Cake is the centerpiece of any social event. It represents celebration and communion. Cake is the universal table around which the event world can gather. After all, who doesn't love cake?

Cake design of the past few years has been trending toward simple and elegant. Stylish cakes were monochromatic odes to sugar flowers and fondant. Even naked cakes had their place at the table. Naked. Cake. That means cake with no icing. Which, to this girl's way of thinking, is a sacrilege not to be forgiven lightly.

But, thankfully, the pendulum has begun to swing the opposite direction. Chic cake designers are rebelling against the staid establishment with fun, festive, colors and flavors. Here are a few examples of what you can expect to see from pastry artists in the know.

Drip Cakes

Perhaps in rebellion of the Naked Cake, comes the Drip Cake. Oh, it's just your average, everyday cake with ganache artfully drizzled on top.

Surprise Inside

Another fun departure from the stuffy ways of cakeology past is the Surprise Inside Cake. It looks totally unassuming until you cut a slice!

The Non-Cake Cake

Don't like cake? From pancakes to churros to truffles, just about any sweet that can be stacked will will do the trick!

Geode Cake

A surprising riff on the surprise inside cake is the Goede Cake. An unbelievable amount of technique and design goes into creating one of these stunners. Rock candy is used to create the geode effect.

Art Deco Cake

Gatsby had a huge impact on the event world a few years ago. In some parts of the country, the pre-depression theme is still going strong. Rather than a nod to that theme, I believe these cakes are the result of the combination of geometric cake, the metallic cake, and the architectural cake.

Whatever your cake style is, you can look forward to a year bright, surprising (thankfully not naked) cake design!

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