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7 Pinterest Pages Every Event Planner Should Be Following

The event industry has always had a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. On one hand, brides and corporate clients have become our creative partners in developing ideas for their events. On the other hand, Pinterest sets up unrealistic expectations for event DIYers that can cause some terrible let-downs. The beauty of Pinterest is that it encourages idea sharing - a concept the event industry is only recently (and grudgingly) beginning to open up to. Whatever your feelings are on Pinterest, it is here to stay and if you haven't yet learned to embrace it, you are seriously lagging behind the rest of the pack. Here are seven Pinterest boards that I feel would be beneficial to any event planner.

1. David Stark Design

David Stark Design is a high-end, full-service event production and design company. But David Stark is, primarily, an artist. His brand of pure genius excels at taking humble objects and turning them into grand art event installations. His boards focus on artistic inspiration and challenge us to re-imagine uses for everyday objects. Check out these photos of what he did with Post-Its, paint tiles, and chair cushions. When it comes to floral-alternative centerpieces and decor, this guy should be your guru.

2. Sasha Souza Events

Sasha Souza is a colossus in the wedding planning industry. If you haven't heard of her before, it's because she doesn't seem to hold with shameless self-promotion. She isn't as flashy and in-your-face as David Tutera or Preston Bailey, but she is every bit as important. This unicorn of a lady is that mythical combination of a no-nonsense, hardcore business woman and a seriously talented creative event designer. Her weddings are fairy tale worthy. Following her board would be important for no other reason than keeping your finger on the pulse of the event industry, but my favorite thing about her page is that all of her brides' inspiration boards are available for viewing!

3. The Style Co.

The Style Company is an event design company is Melbourne, Australia that focuses on creative floral installations. Their event photos are stunning examples of everything floral from tastefully understated centerpieces to over-the-top floral chandeliers.

4. Etsy

You are probably already familiar with Etsy. It's a great way to source unique, affordable centerpiece components from independent artists and craftsmen. Their Pinterest page is wonderful because they include boards with all kinds of event and design inspirations. From weddings to corporate events, these pages are applicable for every discipline in our industry.

5. The Perfect Palette

Focusing mainly on color schemes for weddings, this page is great for finding ways to integrate color in your events. You can search boards by your favorite color and find what secondary and tertiary colors work best.

6. Design Seeds

This is another one for color inspiration. The simple beauty of this page is that it is purely for color combos. It's a great starting place for developing an event's color scheme.

7. Style Me Pretty

This page is a MUST for wedding planners. From current fashion to unique themes and colors, Style Me Pretty is a great way to keep up with wedding trends.

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