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Wedding Cake Trends for 2018

Cake is often the centerpiece of any social event, but few cakes can claim the same prestige as the Wedding Cake. Beautiful, handcrafted food couture, the wedding cake reigns supreme among special event confections. It is a layered statement piece that can reflect a couple's style, interests, or even sense of humor.

Current wedding trends are leaning away from tradition, challenging couples to incorporate more of their own personalities into their overall wedding design to distinguish their special day from all the rest. Unique wedding cakes are a great way to add interest and originality to an otherwise staid tradition.

Here are a few Wedding Cakes you're going to see in 2018.

1. The Silhouette Cake

These cool cakes are traditionally made in black and white, but can come in any color. You can tell your love story in layers of sugar!

2. The Art Inspired Cake

The Wedding Cake is often a statement piece. It often the central focal point of the wedding reception. It gets its own table, for heaven's sake! Art Inspired Wedding Cakes are one way to attract hashtag attention for your event. The bolder, the better.

3. The Hollywood Inspired Cake

If you have a sense of humor and you're going for Likes and Shares, few wedding cakes will see hashtag traction like a Wedding Cake inspired by a popular movie or TV show like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or Doctor Who.

4. The Architecture Themed Wedding Cake

Since the rise of the Gatsby-themed wedding, Art Deco cakes have had a well-deserved starring role in weddings around the country. Blending nostalgia with gilded geometry, these cakes reminiscent of early 20th century architecture are opulent, yet tasteful, examples of structural art.

5. The Less Is More Cake

Possibly my favorite of the Cake Trends is the deceptively simple Less Is More cake. These cakes showcase clean lines and strokes with very few embellishments. Often, there is an emphasis on showcasing the icing pattern the same way an artist defines the brushstrokes in a painting There is no room for error with these simple, elegant beauties.

6. The More is More Cake

And finally, because the pendulum swings both ways, I present the More Is More Cake. These fun, whimsical confections are represented by riotous color and flavor combos - a feast for the eyes and treat for the taste buds.

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