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Event Trends for 2018

Out with the old and in with the new! As 2018 makes its debut, it brings with it fresh takes on fashion, decor and food. Here are some of my event trend predictions, based on pop culture leanings, social media, movies and TV, and industry taste-makers.


While succulents will no longer be featured, they will continue to be popular in centerpieces and bouquets. Loosely arranged, vibrant blooming color combos and contrasting textures with metallic accents will take the place of the highly-styled, hand-tied monochrome bunches so popular in 2017.


Past years have seen futuristic themes that lean toward into the realm of distopian futuristic. From zombies to steam punk, we reveled in the grim and gritty. 2018 will see the rise of a much more optimistic outlook. Future-themed events will include bold colors, bright lights, and rounded, sweeping mid-century lines reminiscent of an old Jetsons cartoon.

The non-themed event will also be popular. Purpose-driven events in the corporate world will focus more on atmosphere than creative message delivery.


Pantone has done a complete about-face with the 2018 color of the year, Ultra Violet. It is said to be inspired by imagination and non-conformity. In comparison to last year's fairly neutral feature color, Greenery, Ultra Violet has a certain in-your-face punch. Between you and me, it's grape. The color of the year is grape. Luckily, every OTHER color in the spring palette is a winner. You are likely to see brides pinning these colors left and right. Magazines are going to be saturated with them.


Ethnic Geometry is name of the textile game in 2018. Bold, bright patterns inspired by tribal culture will dominate urban street wear. Linens and decor will echo runway fashion.


The non-cake cake dies a long-awaited death. Wedding cakes made from stacking unconventional pastries like donuts and pancakes will disappear. Highly-stylized showstoppers will be the confection of choice for discerning brides in 2018. Look for unusual flavor combos, too. Lemon lavender and honey cardamom are two unusual trending cake flavors you might see.


Experiential catering will continue to trend through 2018. Anything guests can prepare themselves will be hot. It doesn't really matter if it's toasting a marshmallow to top their own desert or mixing their own cocktail, guests still want in on the action. Also, Taco Fusion is going to be big - tacos stuffed with Asian or Indian fare, in particular.

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