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5 Apps Event Planners Need To Download Right Now

Apps make our lives so much easier and event planners need all they help they can get! From scheduling to theme development, planners have to be logistical wizards as well as creative rock stars. Here is a list of apps that can help us choreograph all of our moving pieces and stay (relatively) sane.

1. AllSeated

Allseated is a free online and mobile event planning app/tool that allows you to input floor plans, guest seating charts, arrange event elements in the online CAD program, and create 3D renderings of your event. It's collaborative, which means you can invite your clients and vendors to view the layouts online. You can create seating charts, add notes for your guests, customize linens, and add A/V elements. They already have tons of venues in their system and will add one for you, if needed, but you can create your own as well. I use this one almost every day.

2. Google Calendar

Ok, so this one seems like a no-brainer, but it can be easy to take for granted some of the great apps that Google offers. Google Calendar works across platforms, can send reminders, take notes, and will coordinate with your address book to send meeting reminders to clients and colleagues. You can also add weather updates to Google Calendar.


ZKIPSTER is a planning tool that allows you to build guest lists, arrange seating charts, and check in guests when they arrive. This app seems to be the best value for convention and large gala planners. For about $400 per event, planners can use ZKIPSTER to send digital invitations and updates, check guests in on up to five different devices at once, and set alerts for VIP guest arrivals.


ASNA is a mobile app that allows you to make to-do lists and timelines that you can share with your team. Assign tasks on your lists to specific team members and get an update when the task is completed. The basic version of this app is free. The upgraded version is only $9.99 a month.

5. GPS For The Soul

Considering Event Planning is annually ranked in the top 10 of the most stressful jobs, I can't make a must-have app list without including one to help you de-stress. GPS For The Soul is an app developed with contributors like Arianna Huffington and Deepak Chopra that detects heart rate and determines stress levels before developing a stress relief plan including soothing photos, sounds, activities, and auditory affirmations.

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