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The Ultimate Event Planner's Survival Tool Kit Check List

Whether you're just starting out as a new planner or you're a seasoned pro, every event planner needs a tool kit. No matter how well-planned your event is, there is always some small glitch that needs to be overcome. Your tool kit is your lifeline, your Plan B, and it will save your day. So, grab a duffel bag and start stuffing!


- Scissors (2 pair)

- Wire Snips

- Cable Ties (Zip Ties) in black and white

- Floral Wire

- Heavy Fishing Line

- Double-sided Carpet Tape

- Three Rolls of Duct Tape : Black, White, and Caution Orange

- Tape Measure or Laser Measure

- Small Spool of Adhesive Hook and Loop Velcro

- Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver

- Black Sharpie

- AA and AAA Batteries


- Small First Aid Kit

- Small Sewing Kit

- Safety Pins

- Nail Care Kit

- Stain Stick

- Hand Sanitizer

- Sun Screen

- Ibuprofen

- Granola Bars

- Umberella


- Multi-Use Device Charger

- Flash Drive

- Small Extension Cord

- Small LED Flashlight

Of course, it helps if all of these items are neatly organized inside your tool kit. Never underestimate the power of a gallon-sized Ziploc bag!

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