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Cake Trends for 2019

Every year I do a post about cake trends before wedding season officially kicks off and it is always my most popular blog of the year. I do my research, so you guys don't have to do the legwork yourselves. Because of that, I feel obligated to tell you about the cake trends I've run across, even if I'm not a fan of them, myself. So, I'm just gonna start off by telling you about some of the ones I'm not into.

After looking a Bride Magazine and the Knot, I discovered an unusual trend of having tiers of cheese wheels stacked on top of each other. Cheese Wheels. It is being called "The Cheese Cake", which makes me sob with laughter and weep with disappointment, simultaneously.

Also not making my list of favorite trends this year is the Donut Cake. Don't get me wrong - donuts could easily be my death row last meal, but as a wedding cake it underwhelms. The non-wedding cake wedding cake is still going to be popular, with brides opting for stacked petite fours or cream puffs. I'm not hating. I'm just not loving, either.

Here are some wedding cake trends I can get on board with.

1. Black Wedding Cakes

I love the black wedding cake trend because it's an elegant and unexpected twist on an old tradition. Plus, the white dress will absolutely pop while this cake is being cut. It's both weird and absolutely classic at the same time. You want an instagramable moment? This cake's for you!

2. Monotone Sugar Flower Cake

You want classically elegant? Let's talk about the white on white sugar flower cake. After marble cake and geode cake fatigue, these oldie-but-goody cakes are making a big comeback. Of course, the updated version includes skillful flower artistry, so expect to pay for it.

3. Geometric Floating Tiers

Springing from the Geometric Wedding Cake, comes the Geometric Floating Tier Cake. It includes a metallic geometric cake stand holding one or two layers of cake. It's just strange enough to turn heads, while remaining classic enough to be recognized as a wedding cake.

4. Heavy Icing Brushstroke Cake

I should mention that this cake is not my favorite. It is definitely celebratory - and there are some good and not so good examples in the slideshow above. The single layer cakes (which are also trending right now) seem more appropriate for birthdays and the large cake seems a bit heavy-handed, but I believe this effect could be stunning if well-handled.

5. Fruit Garnished

If you typically read this blog, you already know how I feel about naked cakes. I mean, cakes are supposed to be iced, but this trend is so beautiful, I can't even help myself. Figs and fresh herbs seem to be standard for this trend. As a southern girl, I can't resist a fig.

There are definitely remnants of past trends in each of these new ones. I like the idea of taking a trend and incorporating your own twist. When it comes to your wedding, remember that it's supposed to celebrate you and your sense of style.

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