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8 Inspiring Holiday Trends for 2019

Everyone loves a good 'ol traditional Holiday. But what about those of us that enjoy branching out? This year's trends offer some great, simple changes to upgrade your Yuletide look as well as decor for the risk-takers out there. Here are 8 trends that are sure to turn heads this Holiday season.

1. Buffalo Plaid

If you've been out shopping for Christmas decor AT ALL you've seen the Buffalo Plaid. It's a striking, chunky red and black or black and white check, and it's so easy to add to your current tradition that I had to make this look my #1.

2. Farmhouse

Riding the coattails of the Fixer Upper success, you can thank Joanna Gaines for the farmhouse look. I'm a big fan because it marries nostalgia with modernism.

3. Alternative Christmas Trees

Not all Christmas trees are made equal, or even are actual trees. Whether you just march to the beat of your own drum, or your small space requires you to be creative with your decor, Christmas tree alternatives are a great way to go.

4. Monochrome

When it comes to simple elegance, monochrome is hard to beat. White is the popular alternative to traditional red and green.

5. Vintage Elegance

There's nothing wrong with going Old School, as long as you do it with style!

6. Glass

Glass and lead glass decorations are making their fragile way into our homes again. Unbreakable ornaments and Christmas scenes are on their way out.

7. Warm Lights

So, LEDs last forever, but the harsh blue-white light is anything but cozy. This year, expect a return to warm Holiday lighting - not just on the tree, but also with the addition of candles.

8. Metallics

Metallics are big everywhere right now and they've always been a part of the Holiday season. Whether you simply wrap you packages in silver and gold, or go all in on a metallic Holiday Season, keep in mind that Rose Gold and Bronze are big right now, too.

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